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Houndstooth dress into 2-piece

 Floral dress into Bralette and Skirt

Corset into wired bralet

Restructured backless Dress

Old Dress into Full Skirt

Hand made sequins two-piece

 Maxi skirt into a Wide leg trousers!

Old shrug to Autumn ready croptop!

Revamp of a 1920's dress

I presume this is self explanatory but I will explain. Step one: Find a scarf of your choice making sure its big enough to make-do as a kimono. Step 2: Fold all four sides in as the picture states and sew either sides together leaving about 5 inches for your arms. Step 3: Attach tassels to either sides and work you way around until you are satisfied or in my case until where the materiel allows you to. 

DIY Foral Headcrown without using wire, tape or glue

DIY Floral Bandeau