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Tuesday, 20 May 2014


 White Tulle Skirt: Rosegal.com // Crosses Crop top: Boohoo.com // White heels: Everything5pounds.com//Crosses Waist Belt // Choker: ASOS

The amount of inspiration I get from blogs is amazing, you guys are so bloody talented! I was stalking Tessa Diamondly like I usually do, and I was influenced by her punk edge to every outfit! So when Boohoo asked me to pick out a couple of things from their shop a little while back, I grabbed this beautiful crop top top channel a bit of tessa in me! To be honest, I think that girl can put my outfits to shame but still thanks babe! The little princess in me had to add this tulle skirt, that Rosegal sent me. And obviously white shoes to finish it off, because thats my obsession recently; see last week's white shoes outfit here.

Hope you guys are having the best week!
Lots of Love