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Friday, 9 May 2014

3 festival outfits #DestinationUnknown

So Bank are holding a wonderful little competition highlighting the awesomeness that is going to a festival and I could't help but get these 3 outfits out to show you guys! The comp ends today, but like everything in my life its all I have to race towards the deadline! Speaking of which guys, I managed to hand my dissertation in on time...Woohoo!
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Who goes to a festival without at least one crochet item in their backpack these days ! I am so getting Vanessa Hudgens vibes of this look!

This outfit is all about when it starts getting dark, the pop stars are leaving and the DJ's are taking over. Everyone is drunk, the air is warm, life is good!

I have no words for this outfit. Although one thing I have been saying a lot when something is too good, YASSSSSS!
Lets face it guys you are not going to be taking 10 different types of shoes to a festival, therefore you need something neutral which will go with everything, I think these are it! To me they are the most wonderful things that have ever graced the earth! Doesn't it just scream FESTIVAL!

I can't really pick a fav out of these 3 outfits, I have them all equally and I can definitely see myself at a music festival. I am still hoping to go to one this year, perhaps somewhere outside the UK like Tomorrowland and EXIT, I hear both of them are sensational although tickets sold out months ago :(
I have only been to festivals with uni mates; and I think it would be nice to relive that one las time before we graduate **sobs**
Also guys, yes I am wearing a wig today just so I can don the floral crown, ha!

Which outfits do you guys like the most and also are you guys going to any festival this year? let me know!

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!
Love of Love