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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Thirty Love

Denim jacket:Boohoo.com//Vintage Crop top//Disco pants: topshop//White Cutout Boots:Boohoo.com// Baseball Cap: Sports Direct

As of today, Rowan has decided that we are vegetarians. I don't know why or where this came from. All I know is that, the boy went shopping and came back with no meat and a shit load of vegetables; proclaiming proudly that we are gonna be vegetarians for one month! I write this as I bite into a vegetable fajita, hoping to find at least one shred of chicken. I only comply because I realise the benefits of the lifestyle, but I can definitely see myself sneaking off in the middle of the night to the nearest KFC. #Godhelpme

Anyway before news broke out of my change in diet, I happily cradled this stunning denim jacket that the wonderful people at Boohoo.com blessed me with. Pairing it with a simple white crop top,  disco pants and a baseball cap, I headed out to find the most desolate spot in my welsh town to credit this ultra badass look. What'cha'think?