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Saturday, 4 January 2014


                         Fur Caot: Ebay: £30/  Vintage Red waistcoat/ Black Dress: Ebay/ Leather boots Everything5pounds.com

 No other colour declares a sense of presence more than red. Even underneath a sea of black, red makes its presence known. there is something eye catching and sensual about that colour that just makes it a true match to any other colour. I was reading Marissa Charles' story of how she ran away from extremist mormon cult, when eventually faced with its leader in court, Marissa wore red as a backlash against the cult who believed that red was the colour of pride and immorility. Now she runs a charity call ClaimRed, which helps human trafficking victims especially women forced into unwanted sex. You can read about her story in the lastest edition of GlamourUK or her book: The Witness Wore Red.

On a happier note, Happy New Year you gorgeous lot!