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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Different textures for Amsterdam Fashion Week

Skater Skirt and Wedges from Boohoo.com/ Vintage Lace Top/BirdCage Netting from Ebay/DIY dyed socks

So a while back lovely Rebecca from FashionChick contacted me about a competition they were hosting allowing bloggers a chance to win a trip to Amsterdam Fashion Week. She hinted 'creativity' as being a key feature of the winning look, so obviously my mind went overdrive trying to come up with something worthy of Fashion Week. I actually shot 3 outfits and but finally decided this was what I wanted to enter for the competition (I over-think everything!)
I have been loving the sheer/netting trend which has been sneaking its way through A/W'13. I think its fashion flirtation at its best, something that's supposed to stay underneath our clothes is peeping out and definitely getting noticed. Gazing through FashionChick website for inspiration gave me an idea what I wanted create. Combining leather, lace and netting was the perfect recipe for creating a punk-inspired look. I added my boyfriend's tie and red socks for good measure. You like?