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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

This is my bassline

I wore this outfit when I went on a night out in Cardiff with my boy, we ventured into Tiger Tiger, was pushed and shoved by freshers but overall I had a great time especially when I scoffed a Maccy d's once we got home!
I need a new paragraph just to talk about the shoes! Oh My bloody Christ, how beautiful are they?! As much as I love Topshop, it's always a bit pricey for my student budget but since I had been working my ass of all summer I decided to treat myself and buy these beauties. And I getting so much wear out of them since they pretty much go with a lot of my outfits!
The clutch was a gift from my beautiful friend Tereza(also my photographer). She has abandoned me to spend some time with her man so its a perfect opportunity to introduce a guest photographer on my blog next week, stay tuned! xox

Dress: Dorothy Perkins: £12
Shoes: Topshop: £50
Clutch: A gift