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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Bohemian Winter


I am so sorry for my lack of posts, I am been working so much in hope that when payday comes I have made enough to feast on some new clothes. I have some pretty awesome outfits to show you guys but never the time. So you probably will have noticed the change in picture quality, suddenly my pictures look brighter and well shot, well thats because I have made a talented new friend who is just awesome in every way! She will hopefully be taking my pictures from now on, and I am learning how to edit! I am so excited about this, no longer will my boyfriend grumble everytime I hand him the camera! haha

About todays outfit, well not really an outfit just an oversized wolly cardi which I got from Morocco this summer. Technically its not mine, Rowan bought it but I am in-love with it as much as he is. I love the colours and how super cosy it is so I thought it deserved an appearance on the blog. Pairing it with some patterned tights and my awesome new booties and a Wasted Youth beanie, I think I am definitely ready for winter!

Hand Woven Wool Cardi- Morocco- £12
Patterned tights: New look: £5
Ankle Boots: Ebay- £12
Wasted Youth Beanie: Ebay- £7