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Friday, 9 August 2013

She wore it in another century

Gather around, I have a story to tell. So there I was milling through the clothes rack in my local charity shop, when I came across this dress. While I contemplated whether to buy it or not, the shop keeper came up to me and told me the dress was going to cost a little bit more than all the other clothes in the shop because this dress belonged to a woman who wore it on her wedding day in 1925!!! When the woman died, her son brought it into the charity shop and here I was holding unto it and stroking its delicate fabric. I dont know if it was the fact the dress is more vintage than the word vintage itself?! Or whether the romantic tendencies in me loved the fact that it was a wedding dress. Which ever way I had to buy it! I also managed to haggle the price down to £6 (just saying).

As gorgeous as the dress was before, the shape of it didn't suit me so I took a risk and cut it up! By cutting the middle section I was able to reattach it and create a neckline because polo necks are not flattering on me. What do you think of my remake?

Dress: Reworked Vintage
Heels: Everything5pounds
Bag: Primark