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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lets Start again (DIY Makeshift Kimono)

Morocco has financially ruined me temporarily but my lust for new clothes never ceases so you will be seeing a lot of DIY makeshift tutorials on this blog until I gain financial spending freedom. The kimono trend is big right now and as every blogger is well intuned to it, then so am I! Rown's grandmother gave me this splendid scarf which I found too big to wear, so when inspiration hit me to turn it into a kimono, I did it the only way I know how: cheap and easy, following 3 simple steps. I tore these fringe tassels from an old top and attached them to the side for that bohemian effect. And viola! I was walking about in the sun like the free-loving hippie that I lust to be. 

I presume this is self explanatory but I will explain. Step one: Find a scarf of your choice making sure its big enough to make-do as a kimono. Step 2: Fold all four sides in as the picture states and sew either sides together leaving about 5 inches for your arms. Step 3: Attach tassels to either sides and work you way around until you are satisfied or in my case until where the materiel allows you to. 

PS. I have a GIVEAWAY coming up soon, there is a hint in this post. Can you figure you what it is?

Kimono: DIY
Bustier: Boohoo.com: £3
Levi's high-waisted shorts: Boutique73
Leather Backpack: Morocco
Braclets and Anklets: Morocco