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Monday, 12 August 2013

Leather Week: Look 1

So this week I decided to do something different and a bit interesting. Everything I will be wearing this week will involve leather. Dont know why, just good old fun. Today's leather outfit is this beautiful skater skirt I got nearly 2 years ago!Back then was when I was beginning to fall inlove with the skater trend, I find the the cut and the way it fits so feminine and flattering! My signature look for majority of  outfits that are high-waisted is topping it off with a crop top. I actually bought this top the way it is (no DIY here!) from a vintage shop around where I live. The guy who owns the shop buys old clothes from warehouses and just transforms them into amazing outfits! If only I could live in that shop!

See you tomorrow for another leather infused outfit post :)

Crop top: Cafe Society:£5
Leather Skater Skirt:£ Boohoo.com: 20
Leather heels: Everything5pounds.com: £5
Studded leather garter: Fancy dress shop: £2.99