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Monday, 3 June 2013

Start of the Summer (plus DIY bandeau)

Happy Monday everyone, Hope you all had a glorious weekend. The summer has pretty much started for me but so far all I have done is in bed, eat and watch cartoons. Morocco is literally 3 weeks away, I am so excited to go away with Rowan! 
Apart from my usual laziness, I have been using my sewing machine a lot, making bits and bobs. One of the things I made was this bandeau from old scraps of material, there is a how-to in this post if you are interested in learning but it was pretty easy, I am sure you dont need my amateur tutorial. 

Another new purchase, so beautiful!

Bandeau: handmade
White Shorts: everything5pounds: £5
Gray Blazer: Primark
Body Chain: Ebay: £2.99
Glitter Mesh Heels: Everything5pounds: £5