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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Little White Dress

This has got to be my favourite dress in the entire world! Apart from pink, white is my next favourite colour. White is one of those colours that just seems to look good on everyone, especially on darker skin tones. The fact that this dress is lace as well makes it even better! 
Even though the white already contrasts my skin tone, I wanted to take pictures of this outfit against a strong background. When I found this mossy green alley behind Rowan's house, I fell in love and decided it was the perfect place to showcase my little white dress. I added my floral crown and little lace white socks to give it that dreamy effect. And finally a transparent bag to add to the naivety of the outfit.

By the time you read this, I will be in Morocco! I will be spending a month backpacking around the North African country with Rowan. I am not taking my phone or laptop with me so I wont be blogging, facebooking or instagraming for a while (dont know how I will survive!). I want to enjoy this holiday and hopefully feel inspired for when I return. Whatever you are doing in the next month have fun, take care and stay safe! See you all very soon xxxx