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Saturday, 15 June 2013

A seaside view (plus DIY: how to make a floral crown without glue, tape or wire)

Ahh I have just woken up from the longest sleep ever; I bloody love weekends! Now to find some food and do absolutely nothing. However the weather isn't looking to lovely today, which makes me crave the sunny weather back in aber. These pictures were taken our last day in aber before Rowan and I came home for the summer. You would think the considering I live by the sea, I would use the opportunity to take all my outfit posts to showcase it instead of using my grim student back garden. But it turns out the sea is a lot harder to work with than it looks. On this particular day, the tide came in too quick, I cut my feet on a rock and bled quite severely (sexy, I know). However it seems that everytime I take pictures by the sea, they turn out quite well like this other post. 

I have been meaning to blog about this outfit for quite a while, but I was determined to make my own floral crown and I had to wait for the flowers to be delivered (they came all the way from china; I love eBay). However I didn't want to buy the extras like glue gun, wire and floral tape. So after much deliberation, I used an old elastic hairband and just twisted the flowers around it continuously. It was a little bit tiring but I got there eventually and I love the final product. 

Floral headband: DIY
Black lace bandeau: Boutique73, their Asos marketplace account
Floral skirt: Primark- £10