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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Worldwide Wardrope Competion

Ohh I love competitions, I heard about this one from CrystalCosmicChic's blog. Basically Travel Supermarket have come up with a brilliant idea for fashion bloggers to try their hands at winning a holiday by compiling outfits for the chosen destinations: Partying at a full moon in Thailand, Cocktails in New York, Shopping in London, Clubbing in Ibiza and Sightseeing in Paris. You can enter for one destination or all of them which I have done because to be honest I would love to go to any of these places! 

                                                 Partying at a Full Moon party in Thailand                                                      
                                                 Aztec playsuit- Asos :£20
                                                 Rose headband- Crown and Glory :£20
                                                 Feather cluster necklace- Matalan: £8
                                                 Embellished Sandals- Everything5pounds :£5
                                                 Total: £55!

As you can tell from my Aztec post, I love aztec/ombre prints and this outfit is perfect for dancing on a sandy beach lit by a bright full moon in Thailand. Its fun, colourful and light enough for that warm evening breeze.

                                                                Cocktails in New York
                                                                Jewel Bodycon Dress- AX Paris: £35
                                                                Karen Millen Metallic strap sandals- Ebay: £56
                                                                Gold Square clutch: Warehouse: £26
                                                                Multi-bangle cuff- Mango: £9.99
                                                                Clarins Rouge Eclat Nude Lipstick- GorgeousUK: £14.80
                                                                Total: £141.79
I am in-love with this combination I came up with for Cocktails in New York, a simple nude dress accentuated by gold elements perfect for a night out in the city of lights! This outfit is very me, I love gold, I think it looks glorious on darker skin tones.

                                                                      Shopping in London                                                                   
                                                                     Embroidered Quilted Jacket- River Island: £40
                                                                     White stripe t-shirt- New Look: £3
                                                                     High Waisted Boyfriend jeans- Fashion Union: £32
                                                                     Tote Bag- Matalan: £16
                                                                     Lace-up white shoes: Nelly: £47
                                                                     Neon Necklace: Dorothy Perkins: £10
                                                                     Brown/Fushia belt: Surfdome: £4.49
                                                                     Total: £152.49
I chose this look because originally a London girl I know what its like shopping in a rainy city, a pair of on trend hight waisted trousers and with a light tshirt topped of with a jacket, because lets face it, its London and it will probably rainy or worse! The jacket is very Aimee Song inspired, that girl knows how to work an embellished jacket! Plus if you are going shopping, a tote bag is a necessity!

                                                                       Clubbing In Ibiza
                                                                       Studded Bustier top- House of Fraser: £16
                                                                       Distressed High waisted shorts- Nelly.com: £42
                                                                       Jeffery Campbell Gold spike shoes- Office: £80
                                                                       Multi Chain bracelet- Topshop: £16.50
                                                                       Black Wrap chain Headband- Miss Selfridge: £7.50
                                                                       Bronze Eagle double finger ring- Surfdome: £7.99
                                                                       Total: 169.99
We all know my love for bustier and high waisted shorts (see an example here), this outfit is exactly what I would wear clubbing in Ibiza, and I know people say you wouldn't wear heels in Ibiza but I could help adding these Jeffrey Campbell's, they matched the entire outfit so perfectly and they are only £80!

Sightseeing in Paris
                                                                 Abandon Winnie Print dress- USC: £13
                                                                 Daisy floral Round Sunglasses- Boohoo.com: £10
                                                                 Simone Bright Backpack: Boohoo.com: £18
                                                                 Ballet Flats- ASOS: £25
                                                                 Models Own Strawberry tart nail polish- Motel Rocks: £5
                                                                 Pink Charm Bracelet- The Range: £5
                                                                 Total: £76
How cute is this outfit! This was probably the hardest look to put together, the last time I went sightseeing in Paris I was severely hangover from the night before and probably looked like a right mess haha! I would love to do it properly next time and definitely in this outfit!

Ohh I am so excited about this competition, fingers cross I win! If you are entering as well, comment and post me a link to your entry so I can have a nose around and see who I am competing against haha!