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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Wannabe Hippie

Its weird how during my exams I procrastinated by blogging too much, and now that my exams are over I have neglected my blog. Soz guys! But I do have an excuse : ) As the end of the academic year approaches, I have been seeing friends before they go their separate ways for the summer. A lot of my friends have actually finished their degrees so we have been taking the opportunity to get together before they become official adults and get jobs. Its all very sad!
One of the many get-together's was a bbq where I wore this outfit. This is probably one of my favourite summer outfits because its light, floaty and super casual. I wore this outfit a lot on holiday last year, and I will probably be wearing it again to Morocco this year. I feel like free spirit hippie in this outfit (hence the title) and I probably behave like one when I get a couple of drinks down me.
I am excited for the rest of this week, Rowan finishes his exams and we have a few parties planned, so if you don't hear from me, I am probably dying from a hungover. 
Laterz beauties!

Unfortunately I bought this entire outfit over a year ago and cant remember where I got them from. Although the head piece is new and from Ebay for a whopping £1.33!