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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Last Night: A casual night out

Hello all, its another glorious weekend of not really doing much (that's the point of weekends right?!). Rowan and I celebrated our anniversary earlier this week :) and ended having a spontaneous night out last night (which I am now suffering for, surprise surprise!). Tonight is Eurovision (all my Europeans know what I am talking about) which has got to be one of my favourite guilty pleasures; the cheesy music, over the top outfits and awkward jokes- its basically Europe at its finest. My friends and I will be glued to the tv tonight, with huge amounts of food and probably partaking in a drinking game...I cannot wait!!
Anyway today's outfit was from a couple of weeks ago when I had dinner and drinks with some friends. You have probably realised from my previous posts that I prefer shorter outfits, even in winter I still prefer to wear shorts. I own about 3 pair of long trousers whereas I own about 10 pairs of shorts! You get the picture. 
But this spring one of my go to trends has been leather, particularly leather pants. Pairing it with a colourful top and a fur gilet is my idea of being casually dressed. The pink shirt is my favourite top ever! My best friend Renee questions whether I own any other clothes because everytime I see her I am wearing it haha. But its so perfect, I can dress it with anything and it looks great. Surely I am not the only person to own one item of clothing that makes an appearance over and over again. What's your staple item?

Sorry for the huge amount of text, sometimes I have to say everything I am thinking! Anyway hope you have an awesome weekend whatever you do. 

Pink Chiffon Top: Vintage
Leather Pants: Asos: £19
Pink Heels: New Look: £8
Fur Gilet: Matalan: £10

Here is for those of you who have no idea what Eurovision is. This was last year's winning song which I actually like but check out the dancing haha.