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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

DIY: Ombre tshirt

Hey guys, I am just taking a break from studying to show you some DIY I did a few days back. Everyone has been on the ombre hype for a while so I thought I will try my hands at it. I also wanted to make something for Rowan, I feel he wears to much black and grey so I wanted to put a bit of colour in his wardrope. This ombre DIY project was the perfect opportunity to do both. Most of the ombre DIY's I have seen only shows how to dye one end of the fabric but I wanted the whole fabric to be dyed just different colours. This is how I did it...
You will need:
1. A fabric (tshirt, dress,  whatever)
2. Fabric dye (a colour of your choice)
3. Salt
4. Washing machine

Step 1: Wet the fabric until it is damp. Boil some water in a deep pan, add some salt and put in the fabric dye, stir it until it has fully mixed in. Then place one end of your fabric into the dye mixture. Keep it on as long as you think it needs to be in for. Because you want the colour to run, let the dye saturate the fabric as much as possible. I kept the fabric in for about 10 minutes, whilst still stirring with a spoon (note: do not use a wooden spoon like I have done, the colour will never come out again haha)
Step 2: One you are happy with the colour of the fabric take it out and carefully wash it under a cold tap then leave it out to dry. It doesnt matter if it looks a bit messy, its the messy job! It would be best if you let it dry naturally rather than in a dryer, could take a couple of days though. 

Step 3: Once the fabric is completely dry, place it in a washing machine (by its self!) and set it on a wash cycle. The colour should run into the rest of the fabric. Let it dry and you are ready to wear it!

I also wanted a create a V-neck so I cut a straight line down the neck of the fabric folded it inside and stitched it.
If you want to use 2 different colours, lets say purple and red. Dye each sides of the fabric with each colour and leave about 6 inches gap between the two colours. When its dry, put it in a washing machine and let the two colours merge into each other.