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Monday, 22 April 2013

Skipping Spring

The British weather definitely has a mind of its own, we went from snow to sun in just under 2 weeks, its almost as if it has skipped spring altogether. Not that I am complaining, I love life when the sun is out! And this weekend was no exception, We toke advantage of the sun and went to the beach during the day and went to a party in the forest at night. I am exhausted but its back to uni today for one last essay. Hope you all had a fun weekend and are ready for the week. 

This outfit is what I would typically wear on a hot summer's day. As you probably know by now, I L-O-V-E pink, so its no surprise the colour makes an appearance in this weather. I am definitely a shorts kinda girl, I own about 8 pairs but this pink one is one of my favourites. Pairing it with the pink bustier seemed appropriate. And finally I wanted a light shirt to contrast the pink theme I had going on, besides you can never be too careful with the British weather!

Shorts- Asos Marketplace: £10
Crop top: Boohoo: £5
Oversized Shirt: Stole from Rowan
Sunglasses: Stole from Rowan (haha)
Converse: old