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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

No Taylor Swift, I dont feel like 22

So my 22nd birthday is next week, and to be honest I am not looking forward to it. Why cant I be 21 forever?! However birthday means lots of presents which I quite like so it would be silly not to put a wishlist up (some friends and family need a lot of hints ahem!)

1. Sewing Machine- My grandmother is a dressmaker and my mum is a textiles designer so creativity runs on my blood (or so I think!), I learnt how to sew by the age of 7. But over the last couple of years my weird teenager mind decided it was a dead hobby and I stopping sewing. Since blogging, I have a sudden urge to do it again, I feel inspired knowing that I can make half the clothes I see on peoples blogs for half the price! 
2.High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms : I am loving the swimwear trends I have been seeing everywhere, there is definitely a 50's element to it. I think this pair of bikini bottoms fits it perfectly and I want it!! Weirdly matches most of the bikini tops I own so it would be worth having. 
3. Pitch Perfect DVD- Dear god I am in love with this film, I watched it 5 times when it was in the cinemas, I need my own copy, youtube is sick of me constantly watching little clips of it. 
4. Asos Gold Boyfriend Watch- I dont know what its is but I have a sudden wish for a gold watch! I think it brings a certain element of coolness to any outfit. As much as a Micheal Kors one would make me very happy, this cheapy from Asos is still pretty.
5. Christian Louboutins Patent Nude Shoes - Need I say more?! haha putting this on here makes me laugh because I know I wont get it but a girl can dream right?!