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Friday, 22 March 2013

Something New

Sorry I havn't had a chance to blog lately, I am back home at my mama's house for the Easter break (home cooked food...mmm). I am constantly working which means I don't much time to dress up. But after feeling a bit down this week (missing the bf), I decided to spend some shopping vouchers Rowan gave me. I only had £15 and I wasn't willing to spend more so it was a real hunt trying to find something I really loved for £15, in this economy- its really hard! 
After a more than reasonable amount of time looking, I found this dress hidden at the back of a sale rail in Dorothy Perkins and it was exactly what I wanted to find :)
ohh yeah and it was £12!!!!

So I had £3 left and I was determined to find something worth that much and lucky I did. I am a sucker for thin waist belts and this is another addition to my belt addiction :)

                              As materialistic as this may sound; clothes always manages to cheer me up