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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Creativity before manic

Next week university work starts so I toke the opportunity to get some things done this week before my freedom disappears.

I write the fashion piece for my university paper as well as blogging, so i spent most of
Monday night figuring out some ideas for the next year

Half the fun of going home for Christmas is looking through my mum's
 wardrobe (or shall i say my old room) and finding clothes that i can steal. This is a top i found, i didn't like the original design so i changed it...
...into this! i removed all the elastic from the bottom, silly rose thing at the
 breast and turned into a day dress! I originally wanted to get rid of the arms as well  but I want to wear it over winter so I decided against it
I made dinner and cocktails for the girls midweek which was so much fun, we ended up
getting really drunk and going out and got more cocktails!
The first cocktail I made was a mix of red berries, lemonade, vodka and ice, blended together.
The second was ice tea, lemonade, vodka and ice.
So basically a lot of vodka and happy memories!
On our night out, one of my friends Amy wore this really cute leather backpack
which she found in a charity shop, so i couldn't resist showing you.
As part of my New Years resolutions I am trying to de-clutter my wardrobe
and get rid of everything I don't wear or need to either sell them or give them away
but I have only managed to give away 3 clothes!!! i cant seem to let go of things.