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Sunday, 20 January 2013

My day with Marilyn

I have found a sudden fascination for Marilyn Monroe, maybe its a bit late but i am so glad i did! So for Christmas my lovely boyfriend got me the entire box set of Marilyn Monroe films which i just spent the whole day watching and consequently admiring all the outfits, it would be such a shame not to showcase them here. Enjoy!

Gentlemen prefer blondes
This hot pink wrap dress is probably the most famous dance outfit worn by Marilyn, the dress was perfect in showcasing the diamonds which were encrusted around the actress.

I love Marilyn in suited dresses! she looks debonair and more preserved than her usual glammed look.

How to marry a millionaire

I love this boat-neck wedding dress worn by Lauren Bacall towards the end of the movie how to marry a millionaire. Bacall was known for being classically elegant, and this wedding dress is the perfect definition of her and her acting career. The delicate lace dress conforms to her broad feminine frame, and considering its the only wedding dress we see in the film we can hardly ignore its beauty.

The seven year itch

Marilyn's outfits in this film are known for being more simplistic and feminine than any of her other films, after all she was the beauty who lived on the top floor that Tom Ewell wanted to know so badly. Simplistic didn't however mean boring but rather gave a certain quality of seduction as they hugged her every curve, giving Ewell the opportunity to use his imagination.

The famous white subway dress which became the defining
 picture of the actress.  Recently sold for $4.6 million.

How Tom Ewell imagined her however was more sultry than what her character was
actually like.