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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas: Going out or Staying in...or both

As the Christmas season is here, one thing I am definitely excited about is going home spending time with my mum and seeing some friends. But going away from uni means trying to figure out what to pack! so I thought if I put together a couple of outfits now it would make everything so much easier; which got me thinking about  what I intend to lounge in at home (apart from my onesie) and what festive outfit i would wear when going out. With the help of my gorgeous housemate who modeled the clothes for me, here are examples what what is going into my suitcase.

Staying In

Oversized jumpers have become winter’s big accessory to comfort, they can be found virtually everywhere from high street shops to charity shops in different colours, patterns and textures. Try buying the next size up with a wool or cotton blend for extra warmth.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without some form of festive patterns making its way into your clothes, home and stocking fillers, so just embrace it.  At least once a year, we can call it fashionable. 

Just because summer is over doesn’t  mean putting away all your florals, adding a bit of colour to your winter outfits creates a more festive look, as I have done here with the floral patterned jeggins.

Going Out

I thought this was highly appropriate for Christmas because of the bow around the neckline of the top. The diamantes in the headpiece gives appreciation to the festive season and helps accessorize the outfit perfectly.

Skater skirts follow the trend of the dresses we have been seeing a lot this year. Very flattering around the waist and perfect for hiding that Christmas food baby.

These wedges with the glitter sequence is the perfect addition the festive look in the outfit. Adding a pair of lace socks gives it a girly look.

Peace & Love jumper- camden market- £8
Floral Jeggins- Matalan £8
Bow Top: hand me down!
skater skirt: £15 from Boohoo
Wedges: £20 from Boohoo
Belt: £1 from primark