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Friday, 2 November 2012

Fur Versus Parka; what's keeping you warm this winter?

Fur came back on the catwalk in early 2011. It might have been fashion's way of rejecting our economic collapse with its luxurious look but whichever way it seeped unto our high streets and made a return at Milan fashion week. Real or faux, what not to love about it? Its soft, incredibly warm, classy and shockingly practical. Contrary to what you might assume its not on the expensive side either; starting from about £25. Its popularity guarantees it will be around for another couple of years yet.
Tip: if you want a good make for a good price, have a look in charity shops first where you might be lucky to find old classics handed down and given away.

If you not into the girly nature of the fur coat, then turn to a parka for a more subtle look without stepping out of fashion.
Opting for a parka with a fur lined hood, is the best of both worlds!
The parka coat has had a long credible history especially among soldiers and fishermen who have worn it against their elements. In the 60's the Mods brought this sensible outwear to the forefront of fashion. Luckily for us, it has been retrieved as this winter's fashion must have. And rightly so, the parka is known for durability, it's weather resistance and since most traditional ones are internally lined with fur you are sure to be extremely warm against the brash weather we are going to face in to coming months. Good Parka's tend to be a little bit more expensive than a faux fur coat but from the way its made, its worth it for its longevity.

Alternatively ...

Just because you are loving fur this season does not mean you have to opt for a fur coat. Look at other options like fur hats, headbands and scarfs. Adding those accessories not only adds layers to your winter outfit but instantly changes your look to a more sophisticated one!