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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Interrailling 2012

So this is basically what I spent about a month in August 2012 doing, travelling around Europe with my best friend Anna. This has got to be one of the best experiences of my life, I am so proud of us, after spending nearly a year figuring out where to go; we finally did it! We traveled everywhere by train which wasn't as bad as we thought it was going to be. Our trip was a bit spontaneous so we didn't book any hostels before hand since we didn't really know exactly where we would be going but I think half the fun was deciding on the day where in Europe we would up end up next. The trick is finding someone as relaxed as you and letting the chips fall where they may. Because of the Interrail ticket we got, it gave as the freedom to travel whenever and wherever in Europe we wanted to. I got my Interrail ticket from here: http://www.interrail.eu/
This has taken me a while to write but I have manage to compile pictures of our awesome trip. If you are thinking of doing the same, i suggest you just do it! feel free you ask me any questions.

1. Amsterdam baby!
Umm Amsterdam was a bit if a drunken mess, this is the only acceptable pic i could find. But Amsterdam was beautiful. We stayed at a hostel called Meeting Point which was right in the center of everything, great atmosphere, cheap bar and was a genuinely lovely place to stay.

2. Beautiful Brussels
We stayed at Bruegel Hostel, 5 minutes from the
station, really quiet hostel but had a charming bar
downstairs. (this isnt the hostel by the way haha,
just one of the beautiful buildings we saw in the
The famous flower carpet in the center of Brussels.

Trying my first Belgium beer.
If you go to Brussels, you have to try the waffles
...they are incredible!

3. Paris!
The tower at night
We saw a bridge filled with padlocks of sweet
romantic messages on them left by couples, this is apparently a trend
all over Europe...So cute!!

Meeting some lovely backpackers!

Italy part 1: Verona

We stayed at Villa Francescatti, a beautiful yet quiet hostel
with a silly curfew.
I still dont understand how this is possible!

Padlocks with love messages at the Juliet well
The famous Juliet statue.
5. Italy part 2: Trieste
We stayed at Ostello Tergeste, the only hoste in Trieste.
Right on the sea front 

We wanted a seaside destination so we could get a chance to
get the bikinis out.
6. An impromptu stop in Ljubljana
That's the great thing about traveling without a plan, our night out in Ljubljana was
 so much fun because we didn't expect it!

 7. Buzzing Budapest
One of the 3 beautiful bridges dividing the city.
we stayed at Carpe Noctem Vitea, there isn't a
bad review about this hostel, i had so much fun
there and the staff were so awesome!
The Brazilian beauties i spent most of my time with xoxo

8. Vienna
An example of how beautiful the buildings are in Vienna, you could walk around
for ages andstill be bestowed by the beauty of the place. We stayed at Do Step Inn Hostel,
really close to the station and although we didn't spend much time there, it was lovely.