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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

West African fashion

As much as I would like to look more African and represent my heritage, I had never been the biggest fan of African fashion. I love the prints, the tie and dye but I have never known how to wear it. that was until I was introduced to VLISCO, a fashion design company that specialises in West and Central African clothing. Below are examples of the kind of work they do.
A link to their website as well: 
Like the typical girl that i am, I love big puffy girly dresses and these 2 are so in tune to that taste. The fabrics are captured in a sweet playful manner. One word comes to mind...PROM!
I absolutely love this, especially the one on the far right; beautiful patterns merged along side each other make to compliment such clashes of bold colours. 
Africans love matching outfits especially Nigerians and Ghanaians but most of the time its a bad match. THIS, however is divine! Picking a specific colour from a multicoloured dress, preferably the colour thats isnt so dominant in the outfit. Then using that colour to match with shoes and a bag.
However dont be afraid to colour block, a mismatch of colours in one outfit has become one of the biggest trends this season.