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Saturday, 2 July 2011


Its 1977 and a trophy wife as she is so obviously called throughout the film becomes sick of her title so grudgingly takes action in changing it. What develops is a series of self motivated success on her part to achieve this; one this about this film is that it so cleverly depicts the exact misogynistic depictions of the 70's and 80's in France; mostly in a light hearted way. Phillip Kemp from total film calls it "feminism-lite and the director plays it for laughs reveling in his pastel vision of the 70's". As much as we all like a sensitive topic like sexual inequality to be projected in a film what this film lacks is the bravery to carry it forward. We are presented with the inequality problem but it seems thats where it ends. There is no strong holding  or grudge, rather everything is bounced off in a very plastic hollywood happy ever after manner. It holds moods of cinematic genius with the flashbacks of Suzanne cantankerous  past, the wardrope and scenery are very much of that era and there are moments of lightly adjusted humour, ranging from sexual coherence to topics so sensitive they need a laugh or two to balance out lucid afterthoughts. It is a sweet and caressingly light film  but i cant help but feel there should be more to it than that, when it has the advantage of doing so. There are moments where it even lacks the substance of an established film, by such moments I mean periods of theatrical musical performances which only brings down the seriousness of the film. All in all a very mediocre contribution to French cinema.