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Friday, 22 April 2011

Wristcutters; a love story

A growing love of independent film led me to the discovery of this unknown masterpiece. The story adored (by me) because of the simple romeo and juliet plot line it creates, follows the meek life and impressionable death of a young man who sets out to kill himself in order to win the love of a woman. What he discovers in the afterlife is the wasteland for souls that have committed suicide such as himself. This part of the story reminds me of ancient greek myths dedicated to the underworld. The greeks believed that once you died, Hades, the gloomy greek god of the afterlife will carry your soul into his kingdom and you would be placed in a place according to your death status. With reference to Homer's odyssey, if your death is due to love your place of eternal life will be surrounded by souls just like you who died for the sake of love, the same principles apply to dying as a war hero, luckily greek war heroes were ordained and you will be surrounded by people like hector and achilles. If your death was due to a suicide then your underworld will be only know other suicide victims. This was the death status our young man found himself in, his underworld consisted of tragic figures just like him. Once getting there only to realise the lady he died for also killed herself upon hearing his story. And his journey begins into finding her and declaring his love. The greeks believed that once you have died you will remain in the underworld in the state you died in, so if you were killed then your body will still bare the bruises even in the afterlife. For me that was the winning part of this film because the director retained this myth and every character we met along the young mans journey, you could the tell the story of their death by their suicidal bruises. One specific gentleman had a hole inserted in his head clarifying that he shot himself in the head. Continuing on with his journey our main character meets a young woman who is on a mission to recover her mortal life because she believes that her suicide was only an attempt, she in fact didn't mean to kill herself. I am only telling you the events the trailer will tell you, I am not uncovering anything new and i do not intend of ruining the story for you. whether the young man finds his juliet and whether the young woman manages to get her mortal life back is for you to find out. What i will say is that regardless of your knowledge of ancient greek myths or your love for independent films this film is simplistic and enjoyable for anyone willing to get into it. The atmosphere in the film is very cold and sullen, the same way you would expect the underworld to be, but that doesn't cast a shadow on the sweet morale it has.