Monday, 21 July 2014


Bustier: Ebay £3, Leather shorts: Cafe society £5, Choker: Regal Rose(gifted)

I dont regret my decision to cut my hair but I did feel slightly naked without it. I was always constantly checking if it was long enough to have extensions put in. The choice of colour was however a spontaneous decision, I have been spending a lot of my days on tumblr, reblogging gorgeous girls with purple hair so I thought I would try it out. I toke me 3 days straight to braid my entire hair. I mixed colours, alternating from deep purple to lilac leaving the ends lighter to create a ombre effect.  Arguably having this hair in the middle of a heatwave is undoubtedly a bad idea but its summer and a free care attitude comes with it. 

Hope you have a lovely week,
Lots of Love,

Friday, 18 July 2014

Burning eyes, Beating sun

 I see the sun yet every inch of me questions how true it is to the temperature outside. So I cover up thinking the worst, surely every brit can relate to this. Yesterday's heatwave made me a bait to my own outfit choices, every fabric clinging to me and my jewellery weighing heavily all the same. I craved for a cool breeze and headed for any shade I could find. But true to its impending nature, hailstorms and thunder soon took over the night and I was rest assured that my wariness of the british weather was restored.

Wishing you guys a great weekend,
All my love

Friday, 11 July 2014

Summer highs

Layering has always been conceived as winter habit, in order to cover and protect every inch our bodies against the elements.  But in the height of summer, layering can give new dimensions to outfits and can create flattering silhouettes.
We are going to see a band tonight, but I didn't feel like going out in just a bodycon dress so topping it off with this diy croptop was essential for creating that casual yet thought-out look. I also layered a bunch of necklaces and even layered my legs with some socks to prevent my legs looking too long in this very tiny dress.

Have a great weekend,
Lots of Love